Black and white portraits are very classy

Create real family heirloom pictures by taking time out of your busy lives and sign up for your mother-daughter portrait. Lately I have picked up my classy Hasselblad 500 C,  the medium-format camera of choice for generations of professional photographers. It is almost as old as me, but works like a charm and creates high quality images that you can’t achieve on your little Iphones (sorry kids, no selfies here). These images beg to be matted, framed and put on someones wall or desk.

© Gabriele Lange 2015
More images from the mother-daughter portrait session with Georgia and Lola. © Gabriele Lange 2015 

© Gabriele Lange 2015 4634_48GL


The posting of some of the images this week was a test to see how well Postbot works. Well, it works well, but you have to make sure you go into your scheduled posts BEFORE they get published, so they don’t end up having intelligent titles such as “photo for monday” and get up pushed on a Friday with no other hint what they are about.
The advantage is you can schedule as many as 50 images, which is a great idea if you wish to post while traveling and not connected to the internet on a regular basis (gasp!). Just as long as you can master the little details before you push the GO button.

Photo for Monday, 19th May
Point Reyes National Seashore with a view of Limantour Beach in the background. Carrying around a medium format camera catches a lot of attention, so I try to go to places that are very quiet and remote. © Gabriele Lange, 2013

Digital Media Presence

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the demands of social media marketing? May be it's time to ask for some help.
Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the demands of social media marketing?

Developing New Media strategies for a client can take a couple of weeks or (sometimes) many months.
Last month we launched a clients’ webpage we had been working on since May of last year. While it is always my goal to get the client focused on their particular objective as quickly as possible, often times their ideas evolve in the process of designing a webpage. In this case it is prudent to take more time than usual, so the end result will be satisfactory. Than the webpage will mirror your business idea and help it get off the ground.
I would advise clients to take it one step at a time, especially since social media is constantly changing and pages and places we “mingle” will come and go.

Often I run into small business owners who believe they can accomplish everything by themselves – develop a marketing strategy that stretches from creating their own logo, to website design, a weekly blog and of course profiles on all major social media platforms. If you know somebody who is struggling to keep all those balls in the air please refer them to me. I am available for an hourlong free consultation in the Bay Area and actively looking for new clients.