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The advantage is you can schedule as many as 50 images, which is a great idea if you wish to post while traveling and not connected to the internet on a regular basis (gasp!). Just as long as you can master the little details before you push the GO button.

Photo for Monday, 19th May
Point Reyes National Seashore with a view of Limantour Beach in the background. Carrying around a medium format camera catches a lot of attention, so I try to go to places that are very quiet and remote. © Gabriele Lange, 2013


Twenty years in California

In May of 1994 I relocated from Berlin, Germany to Los Angeles, California. Although it is called the Golden State it took me a while to get used to the never ending sunshine and easy disposition of it’s inhabitants. After all the Berlin I left behind was just undergoing to biggest transformation since the end of Second World War — the fall of the Berlin Wall.

When I moved to San Francisco in one of the rainiest winters and started to work on a masters program in photography I started to seek out some local photographers of German heritage. Ruth Bernhard (1905-2006) was already well into her nineties when somehow I got permission to interview her for a German newspaper in her elegantly appointed apartment in Pacific Heights. The article never got published, but the visit with her was very quite remarkable.

Ruth inspired me to keep looking at what speaks to me and “never say no”. At some point she made money photographing people’s pets and dolls, and even those she somehow turned into art.

Doorknobinlight The illuminated doorknob was inspired by the work of Ruth Bernhard. Beauty is in everyday life.

Keep calm and photograph on

The early summer finds me teaching photography to middle school students. While all have access to digital snap and shoot cameras and most use Iphones for their selfies, there is a demand to learn more about the “real” photography, namely putting analogue film into cameras which will let you manipulate or control the exposure.
Usually I bring my 50 year old Hasselblad to the first class and try to give them a short run down on the technical aspects of exposing your film, but too often have to realize this is a hard concept to grasp without going through all the motions yourself (and a lot of trial and error).
Some of them will fix their parent’s old cameras and hopefully become proficient, others will just stick to their fast and furious Iphones with the reliable delete function. In any case, it is always inspiring to see their unique ideas come to light. Check out my newest facebook cover photo which was taken by one of my students. First typed the sentence on an old typewriter, spelling errors and all, than photographed and quickly shared via social media. I do like the motto and would like to make it my own.

Photo for Thursday, 15th May

Key to success

It is best to get in the habit of posting something relevant every day, every week, or every month, depending on your business.
My goal is to teach and empower my clients to manage their own PR/ Social Media after the initial set-up process is over; however it is worthwhile to involve a professional marketing expert if your brand is still growing and trying to gain traction.
As I just heard again from Stacey Kind Gordon, who gave a presentation at a Meet up in San Francisco, strategizing your approach to content marketing is what get’s lost in the daily grind most often.

Time flies
Time flies and you are running a business. May be it’s time to hire a professional content marketing manager.

Remember, social media is going to be just one leg of your communication strategy. Your blog and webpage should also engage consumers with the stuff they really want, in a way that serves your brand’s purpose. The content on your webpage and/or blog should include: photos, illustrations, graphs, portfolio, games, customer stories, white papers, video, blog posts, podcasts, reviews, classes, workshops – people are there for the content, not how the webpage looks like.
If you want to get started in this process contact me for a free consultation.

Digital Media Presence

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the demands of social media marketing? May be it's time to ask for some help.
Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the demands of social media marketing?

Developing New Media strategies for a client can take a couple of weeks or (sometimes) many months.
Last month we launched a clients’ webpage we had been working on since May of last year. While it is always my goal to get the client focused on their particular objective as quickly as possible, often times their ideas evolve in the process of designing a webpage. In this case it is prudent to take more time than usual, so the end result will be satisfactory. Than the webpage will mirror your business idea and help it get off the ground.
I would advise clients to take it one step at a time, especially since social media is constantly changing and pages and places we “mingle” will come and go.

Often I run into small business owners who believe they can accomplish everything by themselves – develop a marketing strategy that stretches from creating their own logo, to website design, a weekly blog and of course profiles on all major social media platforms. If you know somebody who is struggling to keep all those balls in the air please refer them to me. I am available for an hourlong free consultation in the Bay Area and actively looking for new clients.

From Photographer to Digital Media Manager

These days my focus has shifted from being merely a photographer to helping clients shape their entire digital media presence. I am working with small businesses, non-profits and creative individuals to realize their potential through their online media presence. With a strong design and photography background I help my clients to attractively display their content.

Clients can choose from an array of services:

  • conceptualize your specific needs
  • set up and design webpage or blog
  • create original images and web banners
  • maintain social media sites
  • merge or update existing information

There are several package options to accomodate your budget. You can sign up for monthly maintenance or just for help to get your (design) act together. The process should be fun!

Mother’s Day Portrait Deal

Mothers Day is coming up and here is the deal: All portrait sessions booked in the month of May are $100 off.

When was the last time you took a really good portrait of all of you? Not just one of those instant Iphone photos that all of us have.

Let’s create some lasting memories worth hanging on your empty walls (okay or laptop screens).
Book your session today and tell your friends! Every new client referral get’s an extra free print.
Call 415.407 8840

On location family portrait

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Sometimes it is more fun to do an outdoor portrait session! If you are living in the Bay Area there are many great locations to choose from. We could start at the Legion of Honor with it’s great architecture and than move on to Baker’s Beach. If that is too San Francisco for you, tell me your favorite location and we will work there. By the way, it could even be your own backyard.
Do you have family in town over the holidays? Give them the gift of a great family portrait, they will appreciate it more than a new gadget (or sweater that they will promptly return).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fun Family Shots on 11/11/11

Fun kids photography by Gabriele Lange.

As a photographer I feel most appreciated when my “old” clients return to me year after year to document their growing families.

Family Portraits by San Francisco based photographer Gabriele Lange.

Amber was one of my brides  a couple of years ago. In the meanwhile she and her husband had two handsome boys. But like all moms she is the one who is constantly taking the family pictures and therefor hardly has any photos of herself with the kids. And as you know – the years go by very fast when the kids are so young.

Now is the time to create some photographs of the entire family for those calendars you might want to create and the holiday cards you are planning on sending out in a couple of weeks.
So book a session either at the studio, in your house or some outdoors location. I would be happy to advise you on what might best for your particular family.