The posting of some of the images this week was a test to see how well Postbot works. Well, it works well, but you have to make sure you go into your scheduled posts BEFORE they get published, so they don’t end up having intelligent titles such as “photo for monday” and get up pushed on a Friday with no other hint what they are about.
The advantage is you can schedule as many as 50 images, which is a great idea if you wish to post while traveling and not connected to the internet on a regular basis (gasp!). Just as long as you can master the little details before you push the GO button.

Photo for Monday, 19th May
Point Reyes National Seashore with a view of Limantour Beach in the background. Carrying around a medium format camera catches a lot of attention, so I try to go to places that are very quiet and remote. © Gabriele Lange, 2013


Key to success

It is best to get in the habit of posting something relevant every day, every week, or every month, depending on your business.
My goal is to teach and empower my clients to manage their own PR/ Social Media after the initial set-up process is over; however it is worthwhile to involve a professional marketing expert if your brand is still growing and trying to gain traction.
As I just heard again from Stacey Kind Gordon, who gave a presentation at a Meet up in San Francisco, strategizing your approach to content marketing is what get’s lost in the daily grind most often.

Time flies
Time flies and you are running a business. May be it’s time to hire a professional content marketing manager.

Remember, social media is going to be just one leg of your communication strategy. Your blog and webpage should also engage consumers with the stuff they really want, in a way that serves your brand’s purpose. The content on your webpage and/or blog should include: photos, illustrations, graphs, portfolio, games, customer stories, white papers, video, blog posts, podcasts, reviews, classes, workshops – people are there for the content, not how the webpage looks like.
If you want to get started in this process contact me for a free consultation.

From Photographer to Digital Media Manager

These days my focus has shifted from being merely a photographer to helping clients shape their entire digital media presence. I am working with small businesses, non-profits and creative individuals to realize their potential through their online media presence. With a strong design and photography background I help my clients to attractively display their content.

Clients can choose from an array of services:

  • conceptualize your specific needs
  • set up and design webpage or blog
  • create original images and web banners
  • maintain social media sites
  • merge or update existing information

There are several package options to accomodate your budget. You can sign up for monthly maintenance or just for help to get your (design) act together. The process should be fun!